Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mothers from Many Different Countries Share Why Keystone’s Family Literacy Program Is Important

Keystone Opportunity Center’s Family Literacy program serves 35 families representing 14 different countries. Parents work on expanding their English proficiency through Basic Education, Workforce, and Parenting classes, while their pre-school children enjoy their own Early Education classes and activities.  Parents and children join together weekly for Interactive Literacy Activities (ILA), including learning nursery rhymes, listening to stories, and doing simple crafts together.

As the 2013-14  term neared its end, class members were asked to answer the question “Why is Keystone’s Family Literacy program important you?”  Student advisor Janet McBride recorded their thoughts in the annual “FamLit” newsletter. These messages are shared below: 

Renee (Democratic Republic of the Congo) I have been with this program for one year now. I have improved my reading and writing skills. I really appreciate what the family literacy program has done for me. They helped me get ready for my GED. I have learned different cultures in this program. I have found new friends in the program. They taught me how to cook different food like pupusas and tortillas. 
They have been kind to my daughter, she’s 20 months old. She can sing her ABCs and other nursery rhymes. This program has taught me how to be on time. They taught me how to be creative. They taught me how to create a resume. I am happy to find good teachers in this program. They mean everything to us, because it is hard to be in new country without friends. They really help me a lot.

Camila (El Salvador) I like the Family Literacy program because I read more to my kids. I understand more English when I have school conferences for my kids and I feel more confident when they are talking to me. I recommend people who want to learn English to go the program. My dream is to get the GED. I enjoy going to the program because I like learning and talking to people from different cultures.

Sara (Mexico) Keystone is important because I can have more opportunities in my life. If I speak English I can help my children with their homework and I can talk with their teacher. I can have a better job because I understand English better and have learned more about American ways.

Iris (Honduras) ESL is a goal of my life and Family Literacy Program gave me the opportunity to complete. It is not easy to attend class every day especially when you have kids and work, but I am trying to get a better life learning English. This is the country of the opportunities and it is easier if we know the language. I’ve been enrolled in the program eight months and I feel so good, more confident when I talk, write and read to my daughters, and in the classroom, work or any place. I know more people of different countries and their culture and traditions.

Eunmi  (Korea) I have so appreciated this program. I have been coming to this program since 2009, almost five years. I thought this program would not be helpful for me, but now I know this school is important to me and what a wonderful school it is. I can speak English without being afraid. I can understand English when they speak it to me. My kids have learned a lot from this program. My youngest daughter, Kailyn, wants to go to school every day!! I’m very happy that I am still here.

Ratan (Bangladesh) I came from Bangladesh in 2010. I started Keystone’s Family Literacy program ESL class in 2012 in Lansdale. I take three classes: Adult Ed, Workforce and Parenting.  I have been learning English and about American culture. My English language skills are better than when I started in the Fall. I am a pharmacist and would like to be one here in America. My English is better now and I hope to go to college here soon. I feel my life is getting better because classes help my plan for get a better job. So I would like to keep coming to class next year.

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